Il San Valentino in casa Slitti è artigianale e pluripremiato: il Maitre Chocolatier Andrea Slitti presenta i Cuori decorati a mano

Valentine's Day at Slitti is artisanal and award-winning: Maitre Chocolatier Andrea Slitti presents the hand-decorated Hearts

The novelties of this Valentine's Day, the hearts entirely decorated by hand and presented with different decorations every year, are added to the continuous "Dillo Col Cuore" line

Slitti is one of the most renowned and awarded chocolatiers in the world and boasts a totally artisanal production with quality raw materials, worked manually in the factory in Monsummano Terme (Pistoia) and sold online, in the flagship store in Florence and in shops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

February 2024 - Valentine's Day is upon us: the anniversary of lovers dates back to 496 AD, when Pope Gelasius I - decided to put an end to the Lupercalia, pagan rites dedicated to the god of fertility Lupercus, where love was celebrated in an unbridled and all far from the Christian vision - brought forward the day of the celebrations to February 14, Valentine's Day, making the latter in fact a protector of lovers .

We need a leap forward in time to get to the present day, when Valentine's Day becomes in all respects the day of lovers and an opportunity to exchange an affectionate thought, a cuddle or extra attention. The proposal of Slitti , an award-winning Italian chocolatier, with 190 awards behind it obtained for the quality of the raw materials used and the mastery in the processing of the productions, this year includes the creation of Valentine's Hearts by the Maitre Chocolatier Andrea Slitti , among the most famous artisan chocolatiers in the world. Added to these is the ongoing " Dillo Col Cuore " line , always present online and in physical stores.

An assortment of products made and decorated entirely by hand , with different details and colors from year to year, capable of enhancing the flavor and consistency of the raw materials they are made of. Raw materials that derive from Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Jamaica, Santo Domingo and Madagascar and which contribute to the creation of a valuable , unmistakable assortment, the result of passion, skill and teamwork which has led Slitti to become a brand since 1969 reference point for premium cocoa enthusiasts from all over the world.
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