Vacanze 2024, trionfano cibo e belle arti. L’estate di Slitti, tra gelato e cioccolato artigianale

Holidays 2024, food and fine arts triumph. Slitti's summer, between ice cream and artisanal chocolate

20 million Italians on holiday for Easter, around 7.5 million leaving on 25 April and many are already thinking about summer
Slitti, the renowned artisan chocolatier of Monsummano Terme (Pistoia), presents the new production of ice cream that recalls the flavors of the award-winning chocolate of Master Chocolatier Andrea Slitti: from Pistachio di Bronte to Cream and Vinsanto Toscano DOC

April 2024 - Around 20 million Italians were on the move for the Easter holidays, 7.5 million were planning a trip out of town on the occasion of the 25 April long weekend and, according to initial estimates, many are already thinking about the summer break in Belpaese, between seaside resorts and destinations dedicated to gastronomic offers and art .

According to a survey by Coldiretti/Ixè , food would be the souvenir most chosen by Italians upon returning from holidays, demonstrating how the trend of selecting the destination of one's trip also based on the local cuisine is increasingly taking hold, combining to sweet and savory tastings, a tour of the natural and architectural riches of the surroundings.

Slitti , a renowned family-run artisan chocolate shop in Monsummano Terme , in the province of Pistoia, where the Chocolate Factory is located , in the heart of Tuscany's Chocolate Valley, knows this well . The company, led by Master Chocolatier Andrea Slitti , author of a production that has received 190 prestigious international awards over the years , is now preparing to present the artisanal novelties for the 2024 summer season , first and foremost the ice cream , made with natural raw materials , without flavourings, colourants, preservatives or hydrogenated fats.

Available in the sales points of Monsummano Terme and in Florence, in Piazza dell'Olio 6, Slitti ice cream is a perfect reminder of the multi-year tradition of Tuscan chocolate making and was born from the synergy between the work of the Master Chocolatier Andrea Slitti and that of his brother Daniele, at the helm of the pastry shop : most of the flavours, in fact, bring to mind and to the palate the flavor of the chocolate proposals, with the pure Pistachio from Bronte which reigns supreme, the two cocoa masses Equador and Peru, the hazelnut of the

Piedmont PGI Trilobata and finally the Crema al Vinsanto Toscano doc , as well as 12 other more traditional flavours.

Slitti, taking advantage of the summer season upon us, takes the opportunity to propose a tasty itinerary through Tuscany , between Florence and Monsummano Terme, suggesting as a final stop the discovery of one of the most well-known and visited villages in the country.

  • Florence, a store in the heart of the city

  • The first stop on the tour suggested by Slitti is Florence , where the chocolate shop has opened its first flagship , in Piazza dell'Olio 6. A welcoming place, in the beating heart of the city, with an elegant and refined design, where the masters are the marble and brass finishes and the color nuances in the palette with the brand's flagship products, but also the wallpaper with cocoa beans to decorate the rooms. Here customers will find the entire range of Slitti products - the pralines, the dragees, the Gran Cacao bars, the Riccosa, Gianera, Slittosa and Nocciolata spreadable creams - and a selection of flavors of artisanal ice cream , made with natural raw materials.

  • A stop at the Monsummano Terme store

  • The proposed itinerary continues towards Monsummano Terme, where the Chocolate Factory founded in 1969 by Luciano Slitti , father of Andrea and Daniele, is located. Here the family company carries out a completely artisanal production of chocolate and, in the summer season, of ice cream , which can be tasted in the sales point in Via Francesca V. P, 1268, in Cintolese (PT) during a delicious pit stop on the occasion of a tourist visit to these areas.

  • Stop in Montecatini, the historic spa village and UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Third stage of this journey to discover the gastronomic, natural and architectural riches of Tuscany, one of the most sought-after regions especially by foreign tourism. In fact, Montecatini Terme, a famous Art Nouveau village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site , has attracted thousands of tourists from all over the world for more than a century for its spas, its historic buildings and for the unique natural context in which it is set. .

    Tourism in Italy has always attracted visitors for the food and wine, natural and cultural heritage that this area has to offer. For us, being present in the beating heart of the Chocolate Valley in Tuscany is a source of great pride because it allows us to make our production known to all those who pass through these areas, without giving up a stop intended for the tasting of Slitti products now known to international level ,” comments Master Chocolatier Andrea Slitti .


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