Slitti presenta il suo primo Calendario dell’Avvento vintage, dipinto a mano con acquerelli

Slitti presents its first vintage Advent Calendar, hand painted with watercolours

The Calendar designed by Fabio Slitti contains an assortment of 25 milk and dark pralines, one for each window, to make the wait for Christmas sweeter than ever for the whole family
The Sleigh Calendar is available from xxx

November 2023 - The countdown to the arrival of Christmas has begun again this year: the days are getting shorter and shorter, cities are starting to cover their main streets with lights and festoons and the first decorated trees can be seen from the windows of the houses . For adults and children, the period of waiting for the holidays has officially begun, which Slitti , one of the most famous Italian chocolatiers, based in Monsummano Terme (Pistoia, Tuscany), has decided to make even sweeter by producing its first Holiday Calendar. 'Advent in vintage style , completely hand painted by Fabio Slitti , son of Daniele Slitti , owner of the Slitti Cioccolato pastry shop , and nephew of the award-winning Maitre Chocolatier Andrea Slitti , today at the helm of the Monsummano Terme Chocolate Factory .

Whether for a special gift, for a friend, for your children or for yourself, the Slitti vintage Advent Calendar is ideal for those who wait for Christmas all year round and this time they will be able to do it while enjoying it, day after day, the 25 gluten-free pralines contained in the windows , produced with artisanal chocolate by the expert and passionate hands of Andrea Slitti. A sensorial journey to discover the aromas and taste of a very fine quality chocolate, which Andrea Slitti has been working on with meticulous attention for more than twenty years.

A chocolate with a balanced and defined taste is contained in the pralines, whose goodness is contributed by the excellent raw materials from Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Jamaica, Santo Domingo and Madagascar . Being a product also dedicated to the little ones, Slitti has selected only products with alcohol-free fillings , both milk and dark .

Finally, inside the Calendar, the Choco team at Slitti has hidden a nursery rhyme invented to bring even more joy and euphoria into the homes of those who purchase it.

This year we wanted to give an extra gift to our customers, to the children who are excitedly awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus but also to the older ones, who find a moment of joy, sharing and relaxation in the holidays. Our Calendar is a way to get closer to them, to tell them a story of quality, of family but also of passion and to confirm once again the goodness of our chocolate, which is the beating heart and soul of our company" , comments Andrea Slitti, Maitre Chocolatier at the helm of the Slitti Chocolate Factory .

The Slitti Advent Calendar is available on the chocolate shop's official website starting from xxx .

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