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"The Most Awarded Chocolates Sleighs"

"The Most Awarded Chocolates Sleighs"

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To celebrate 30 years of success , and more than 190 Awards, Slitti has created this precious two-drawer box set. Inside you will find 15 chocolate references, with which the Master Chocolatier Andrea Slitti has won numerous awards and gold medals. These artisanal products of the highest quality will make you live a unique sensorial experience, where all five senses will be involved in a journey of multiple flavours, with the raw materials blending with skill.

A brochure with a brief description of the company, a photo of Maestro Slitti and his recurring thought that without "Heart, Family and Passion" excellent products cannot be made.

    Ginger (candied ginger) g. 120
    Avola almond g. 120
    Alkekengi g. 120
    Black Cherry g. 150
    Bronte pistachios g. 120
    Strawberries g. 120
    Assorted Praline Box g. 90
    Rich milk cream g. 150
    Gianera dark cream g. 150
    Milk bar 35% g. 50
    Lattenero 45% g bar. 50
    Lattenero 51% g tablet. 50
    Gran cocoa bar 73% g. 50
    Grancocoa bar 82% g. 50
    Fine Selection Jamaica bar g. 50

    Measurements: 38x31.5x18.5 Weight: 4,200g.

    conservation method

    Store in a clean, dark, cool and dry place at 13°-18° C. Maximum humidity 60%. Operating temperature 18°-22°C.

    ingredients and allergens

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