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White chocolate bar with chopped pistachios from Bronte

White chocolate bar with chopped pistachios from Bronte

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When high quality chocolate meets the excellence of the territory, what is born is a unique product with an authentic and enveloping flavour.

In this bar, white chocolate meets chopped pistachios from Bronte , for a chocolate that is sweet and strong at the same time.

Measurements: 17x8.5x0.9h

conservation method

Store in a clean, dark, cool and dry place at 13°-18° C. Maximum humidity 60%. Operating temperature 18°-22°C. It is preferable to consume the product within 18 months.

ingredients and allergens

Toasted Bronte PDO Green Pistachio (13.75%), white milk chocolate (86.25%): cocoa butter, sugar, whole milk powder, vanilla extract. Does not contain soy lecithin. May contain almonds, hazelnuts and other nuts.


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