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Mix Fruit Dark Chocolate Cake

Mix Fruit Dark Chocolate Cake

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  • Gluten Free

Slitti Tortine , with their unusual and fun shape, are delicious desserts perfect to enjoy alone, in company or even as a gift idea. In the cakes, the cocoa selected by Andrea Slitti is combined, depending on the variant, with almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios or dried fruit.

This is a Dark Chocolate Cake, enriched with a mix of Dried black grapes, Langhe hazelnuts and Avola almonds.

80gr measures: 12.5x12.5x1.5h

150gr measures: 16x16x1.5h

300gr measures: 21x21x1.5h

conservation method

Store in a clean, dark, cool and dry place at 13°-18° C. Maximum humidity 60%. Operating temperature 18°-22°C. It is preferable to consume the product within 18 months.

ingredients and allergens

Dried black grapes (11%): black grapes, sunflower oil; toasted hazelnuts "Tonda Gentile Trilobata" variety (9%); toasted Avola almonds (5%); dark chocolate (75%): cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter (cocoa: 64% min.). Does not contain soy lecithin. May contain milk, pistachios and other nuts.


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